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In August 2019, I downloaded the software from Meta (formerly Facebook): Spark AR.
At the time, they had just decided to release their software to the public.
I quickly spent hundreds of hours with it. I remember being fascinated by the power of this program and all the things you could do with it.

With the help of my friends Clément & Robbie Conceptuel, I quickly learned every aspect of the software and started making dozens of filters. Within a few months, I had created over 100 augmented reality filters.
These filters went viral almost immediately and have tens of millions of views each.

Screenshot 2024-03-22 171753.jpg

Celebrities from all over the world were starting to use them.
In this video, Dua Lipa uses my filter "Which Hunter?"

Then a lot of different brands like The Kooples or Merci Handy, who understood the potential for this new type of innovative marketing campaign, contacted me to make filters with them.
I made 2 filters for The Kooples, including 5 custom effects: 

At the same time, I made dozens of filters for famous artists. I can mention:
Jul (7.5M), Oboy (4.5M), 
Heuss l'enfoiré (4.5M),
Kalash Criminel (2M),
 Kekra (1M), etc. 
*M = Millions of monthly listeners on Spotify

And then one day I got an email from Facebook saying that I was invited to their office in London to take part in a big hackathon with 100 of the world's best AR creators.


They bought my plane tickets from Paris to London

Screenshot 2024-03-22 193903.jpg

and they booked for me 3 nights in a Hotel near their office.

Hotel Details - Spark AR London.jpg

The four days were an amazing experience! 
Here are some memories from my gallery:



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